Arizona Title 4 On Premise Course

This course is for anyone working in an establishment where alcohol is served by the glass or opened can or bottle, to be consumed on the premise of sale.

This would include:Arizona Title 4 Certification

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Sports and Entertainment Venues
  • Outdoor Festivals

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Arizona Title 4 Online Certification Training

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The purpose of this course is to understand the importance of being a responsible server of alcohol. By the end of the course, you will have learned:

  • How alcohol affects customers and recognize the effects
  • How to intervene when you need to refuse service
  • How to prevent and deal with disturbances
  • How to properly check IDs
  • How to protect yourself and your establishment from liability

The Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control does not require that all employees have a Title 4 Certification. However, many establishments require them to have it because it can greatly reduce their liquor-liability insurance.

Also being certified can help you to become more hirable, as you will already be knowledgeable in the safe-service of alcohol. Our course is approximately 4 hours in length. Upon successful completion of the course, you can print your certificate immediately. It is valid for 3 years.

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